Usage Up? Follow The Trouble-Spot Checklist

Please follow the Trouble-Spot Checklist to ensure all items on your end are functioning properly.

  1. Water tank on commode
    • Seeping feed valve causing over-flow.
    • Ball of flap valve not seating
  2. Water heater filling or leaking
  3. Dripping faucets in tub, shower, lavatory, sink, outside hydrant leaking, etc.
  4. Relief valve on water heater open or seeping
  5. Outside faucet open or dripping
  6. Washer or dishwasher feed valve open or seeping
  7. Hose in yard turned on or leaking
  8. Unknown lines in yard or to other outlets
  9. Leaking pipes or fittings in house or in line between the meter and house
  10. Water feed to heating boiler on humidifier
  11. Swimming pool, fish pond, fountain, etc.
  12. Water to air conditioning cooling tower running or leaking
  13. Water softener equipment
  14. Any equipment connected to water lines
  15. Service lines to out-buildings leaking
  16. To help keep our rates as low as possible, please walk and check your property for any possible water leaks.  If you find any wet spots or puddles of water and it has not recently rained, please call our office so that we can come out and check the water to make sure it is not a possible leak.